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Revolver media is a UAE-based company focused on innovative content production for video of photo. We produce groundbreaking concept with a fresh approach.

With the combined experiences and talents of the team which is composed of videographers, editors, creative writers and sales and corporate sales representatives, Revolver Media is seen as one of the rising companies to support agencies, brands and companies through video and photo storytelling.

One of its services is The City Vibes which focuses on video content creation. The products are a hit, not only in the UAE but also in other parts of the world.

With the goal not only to gain profit, The City Vibes always aims to create an impact to the audiences and value the brand we promote that will generate traffic, high engagements and awareness.

Since we launched it in May 2017, we have already gained more than 86,000 likes – an estimate of 12,000 follows every month. In a span of six months, the total views of the original contents posted on the page soared up to 17.5 million.

The City Vibes knows what the public and customer want.

Speak to our team today if you have a requirement that you believe we can help you with.


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